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Insurance and performance bonds may be arrange for on a deal per deal basis

Oil and Gas

The banking terms and operational procedures are the ones customary for the industry and shall be furnished on a deal to deal basis.
i). Statement of Product Availability. 
ii). Refinery Commitment to Supply the product. 
 iii).Certificate of Origin of the product.
 iv). Company License to Export. 
 v).Company Registration Certificate.  
vi). Product Passport Dip Test Result 
Vii).Tank Receipt.  
viii). Bill Of Lading and Vessel's Q88  
ix). SGS OR Analytical Report Test (Quality & Quantity), which is equivalent to SGS report 


The banking terms and operational procedures are the ones customary for the industry and shall be furnished on a deal to deal basis. 


For orders within the United States, transportation can be arranged for pickup and delivery with one of our business partners in the oil and gas and mineral logistics fields.
For transactions from the United States to other countries or from other countries into the United States, logistic shall be coordinated through one of the freight forwarding companies  with whom Oklamex conducts business with.


SGS report or equivalent inspection, verification, testing and certification company is required for all transactions. Our core services can be divided into four categories:

  • Inspection: a comprehensive range inspection and verification, such as checking the condition and weight of traded goods, to help control quantity and quality, and meet all relevant regulatory requirements across different regions and markets
  • Testing: to reduce risks, shorten time to market and test the quality, safety and performance of  products for relevant health, safety and regulatory standards
  • Certification: to demonstrate that our products are compliant with either national or international standards and regulations or customer defined standards, through certification
  • Verification: to ensure products and services comply with global and local standards, regulations and requirements.

Freight fees can be arranged on a FOB or CIF basis and could include handling and packing fees. Handling fees may be quoted based on the product and the quantity, whereas transport fees vary according to total weight and method of shipment.