Longwall Mining Gloves: OSRS Mining Gloves

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Longwall is the third company to set up an OSRS mining gloves factory in County Louth, Ireland, after G4S and Tata Steel.

The gloves are designed for miners and will be supplied to the industry as a direct investment, with the sole aim of developing an OSR certification system.

The OSR is a rigorous, one-year training programme that covers the most common tasks, such as the design and maintenance of equipment, maintenance, supply chain management and safety.

“It will help us to provide a safer and more secure environment for our miners,” said Mr McPherson.

“We are committed to delivering a safe environment for the workers and for our clients, who will benefit from a much greater knowledge of the safety of their equipment and how to prevent potential hazards.”

The gloves will also assist in the training of staff who are required to operate the equipment.

“Longwall chairman David McPhearson said the gloves would help OSRS workers “in all areas of their work life”.”

This will enable us to be a better employer in every way, with greater training and increased confidence in our workforce,” he said.”

I am confident that with the support of OSRS and the industry, Longwall will achieve our goal of ensuring the safety and security of our miners.

“Mr McPheavers gloves are being manufactured by Longwall’s own company, Long Walls Ltd, based in Louth.”

When it comes to safety and safety equipment, we know that there are only two types of people: the ones who can fix it and the ones that can’t,” he added.

The company said the Longwall gloves will be delivered within three months of being manufactured, and that it will be ready for sale in the UK in September 2018.

Mr McPhilons gloves will have a leather strap and a removable visor, and will come with a steel and leather boot that can be removed for cleaning.

The project is being funded by a $1.5 million grant from the Department of Health.