How to mine the bitcoin blockchain

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A cryptocurrency mining software developer has revealed how to mine bitcoin on the bitcoin network. 

Bitcoin miner Kari Alperovitch says his software will be able to mine a block that will be bigger than the entire bitcoin blockchain. 

“This will allow us to mine all the blocks that were created during the blockchain,” Alperosovitch said.

“So we can mine all of the blocks, and if there are no blocks in the blockchain, we’ll just have to wait for a new block to be created.”

The developer also said he was aware of a bug that could allow people to double-spend a block.

“This bug is actually a very small bug that only occurs when you double-sparse,” Alpovitch told TechCrunch Australia. 

He said the issue had been identified and fixed by a team of researchers who work at the Bitcoin Foundation.

“I believe it’s only a matter of time until there’s a serious bug like this that we can fix,” Alpinosovick said. 

Alpovick, who has worked for several years as a bitcoin developer, is also a co-founder of CoinLab. 

The developer said he would be willing to give away the code for free if he received enough bitcoin to pay for it. 

Kari Alpinovitch is co-owner of Coinlab.

Credit: CoinLab