How the Deepwater Horizon oil spill affected the economy of Texas

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Deepwater Petroleum Co. says its data mining company Deepwater Mining Solutions Inc. has been the target of a massive data breach that exposed the company’s financial information, including the names of customers, emails and bank accounts.

Deepwater is the largest oil and gas company in Texas and one of the world’s largest.

The data breach has impacted tens of thousands of customers in Texas, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina, and affected at least one person.

Deepwater says its databases contain only the names, addresses and social security numbers of the customers and employees, but it said it does not have any information about the financial accounts of customers.

The company says it has taken steps to secure the information, and it said the breach is unrelated to the Deepsea spill.

Deepsea says it is working with the company to resolve the breach.

In a statement on Thursday, Deepwater said:We have taken steps with the data provider Deepwater to secure all data associated with customers, and we have zero tolerance for this type of security breach.

We also have removed all information associated with the Deep Sea Oil spill from the Deep Water Analytics platform.

The Deepwater statement said the company has already secured all the data and has no intention of disclosing any additional data.

It said Deepwater has already removed its database of customer names and addresses.