The ABC’s best and worst mining cartoons

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In the latest edition of the ABC’s mining cartoons series, we take a look at the best and the worst mining cartoon.

In the first cartoon, we’re greeted by a miner who says he’s “very good at what he does”.

But then the cartoon turns to a cartoon showing a mining operation where the miners are wearing masks and carrying their own equipment.

“This is just the beginning,” he tells the camera.

In this cartoon, the miners wear a mask to protect themselves from the radiation.

A miner holds a hand-held camera as he works in a mine in the first edition of our Mining cartoons series.

It’s the first time we’ve seen the mining industry in this cartoon.

We then meet a man who works for a mining company called “Diamond” who wants to drill a hole into a piece of rock to mine gold.

He’s the face of the company, and his son, David, is the mining director.

David says he wants to start mining gold with the help of the mine’s son, who has the skills to do it.

David and his father also want to sell gold to the Chinese government, which would enable them to invest in Australia’s economy.

The family wants to sell the gold to China, but the Chinese will only give it to David and his brother if they sell a million dollars of the gold.

David’s son has no interest in the mine.

But the miners have other plans.

They want to get the gold out of the ground and sell it to the next group of miners to come into the mine, which David thinks is too big and expensive.

One of the mining operators wants the gold for himself.

There’s also a mining engineer who wants the diamond.

Then there’s the miner who’s trying to keep the gold safe.

And there’s another miner trying to mine diamonds, but is frustrated by the lack of people who can do it the right way.

If the miners weren’t in a mask and carrying equipment, this mining cartoon would probably be pretty boring.

However, the mining cartoon also has some surprising elements.

For example, we see an image of the Australian flag on a mining rig in the second edition of Mining cartoons.

While that’s obviously not a very common sight, the flag was on display in Australia from the 1800s to the early 1900s.

Nowadays, it’s the only flag on any mining rig.

After a long day, the miner pulls out his mining tool and pulls out some diamond, but he can’t find the diamond in his drill.

We then see the miners take out their mining equipment to get their drill out of a pit, but as they’re digging through a pit the drill starts to fail.

What’s more, the mine manager’s son wants to hire the miners to help him get the diamond out of his mine.

David, the son of the Mining operator, wants to help his dad, and wants the miners.

So the miner agrees to help the father get the diamonds out of this pit, because he thinks he can do the job better than the other miners.

David then goes to a mine to dig a hole and is shocked to see the mine is filled with gold.

But he’s too late.

This is the first and last time the mining company is shown using the “Diamond Mine” logo.

When the miners get the drill out, they’ve got no diamond, so they have to dig another hole and hope for the best.

Instead of getting the diamond, they get their hammer.

At the end of the episode, David says to his son that he’s got to give up the mine if he wants the diamonds.

With the mining operation in a complete state, it seems David is on to something.

Finally, in the third edition of this series, the boys are all sitting around at home watching the television.

Suddenly, a big, black, bear-like monster appears in the TV screen and starts charging them.

Unfortunately, they’re all wearing masks to protect their heads.

On this day, this is what the mining cartoons look like today: But this is not the case in the early 1970s.