Sal Mineo Death: The death of one of Argentina’s most influential miners

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A mining magnate was killed when a bulldozer crashed into his house in central Buenos Aires on Thursday, according to local media reports.

Gustavo Guevara, who had a controlling interest in the company that owned Sal Mines, was in his bedroom when the bulldozer ploughed into the building, according Reuters.

“We are still waiting for a reply from the state prosecutor.

We have been waiting for the truth, we are waiting for all the facts,” Gueva’s wife, Angelique, told the Associated Press.”

There’s no reason to stop working.

The work is the only thing we have left to do.”

Sal Mines is one of the biggest mining companies in the country and is responsible for the construction of a new hydroelectric dam in the Andes.

The company also operates a hydroelectric power plant, a port and a mining company.

Sal Mines said it had suspended its operations after a company official was arrested on suspicion of manslaughter.