NVIDIA GPUs, Nvidia’s GeForce GTX Titan, are going for $1000 in 2017

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NVIDIA’s GeForce Titan, which was the first GPU to hit the market with Pascal architecture, will be available for $1,999 starting in 2017. 

Nvidia says it will ship the Titan in December 2017, but the price is still unknown at this point.

The Titan is powered by the Titan X Pascal, a chip that will be used to power a range of Nvidia products from notebooks to high-end gaming systems.

The chip is already available on the Nvidia Titan X, which is based on the company’s first-generation Titan Xp. 

This is the first time NVIDIA has officially announced a price for the new Titan, but it is not the first one. 

The company first announced the Titan price in May, and the company has previously hinted that the Titan will be priced in the $999 range, which could be considered the Titan’s entry-level price. 

In the Titan, Nvidia claims a new design with an improved GPU, the “Titan X Pascal.”

It also says the Titan is the fastest GPU in its family, and it is able to deliver the best gaming performance for 1080p resolution.

The price of the new GPUs is unknown at the moment, but Nvidia says it’s likely to be around $1000 starting in December. 

You can see our review of the Titan at the end of this article.