How to get out of your house without being seen

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How do you get out without being noticed?

If you’re not sure, this might help: If you get a peek at the front door of your home, it could mean you’re about to be robbed.

The FBI warns that the home invasion-like situation could happen anywhere, so if you live in a small town, it’s a good idea to prepare.

Be alert: The FBI says the burglar might come up behind you and take your phone or wallet, and the burgler may also leave behind a bag or other belongings that could be used as a weapon.

Don’t let the front yard scare you: Don’t let anyone look at you or your house during this time of the day.

If someone walks by and you’re wearing a face mask or mask and a wig, you might be considered a target, the FBI says.

The FBI says that in one case, a man tried to break into a house while a woman was inside, but he was chased off by a burglar who left him in a ditch with a knife.