Moon mining gear may come to the U.S. under President Donald Trump

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Mining equipment may soon be coming to the United States under President Trump, as the president continues to push his agenda on the issue.

Moon mining is an economic boon for the United Kingdom, but some worry that its mining methods could be exploited by China, a country with an ambitious space program.

Moon-mining is a controversial business that involves extracting water from the Moon and using it to produce artificial minerals in order to produce power, food, and other goods.

It is a lucrative business, but the technology is controversial and has been in the news for years.

Last year, a Chinese mining company called X-Miner, which had been working on a mine for over a decade, was banned from doing business in the U!

United States, for one thing, because of the way it is run.

X-Mining is a subsidiary of a Chinese company called Hanwei Mining, which has been shut down by the United Nations.

The company is now operating under a different name.

Hanwei Mining’s president told CNBC that the company is considering expanding its mining operations in the United State, as well as other countries around the world.

Hanjing Mining’s website claims to have produced “the largest quantity of minerals ever discovered in the Moon,” and that the mining operation has a “multi-billion dollar” potential.

Hanjijian Mining is a joint venture between Hanwei, a subsidiary based in the UK, and China’s Shenyang Mining.

Shenyang owns and operates the mining site.

The site has a total area of over 2.3 million square kilometers.

In 2015, the UK’s Department of Energy banned Hanjing Mining from doing mining activities in the country.

The UK has a $1 billion nuclear power program, and the U, too, is developing its own solar-energy capacity.

In January 2018, China banned Hanjijin Mining from the United kingdom.

That same year, Hanjigian Mining was also banned from operating in the Kingdom.

In February 2018, the company was also forced to shut down its Hanjin port in China.

In February 2018 and March 2018, Hanjing and Shenyang were banned from opening new mining operations, respectively.

A spokesperson for the UK government told CNBC the decision to close Hanjing’s port in 2020 was taken after Chinese officials had raised concerns about the mining facility’s potential environmental impact.

Hanjin Mining is currently being investigated by the US Department of Justice over allegations that it violated environmental laws in the past.

The mine has also been the subject of several other environmental lawsuits, according to Bloomberg.

In 2016, the U., the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain imposed sanctions on the company, according the International Business Times.

China has also reportedly detained and confiscated some of its most valuable moon minerals.

The UK has not yet banned any of its moon mining ventures.

However, the country’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson has stated he wants the mining to continue.

China’s space agency, the National Space Administration, has been known to hold a number of moon mining conferences in the last few years.

In 2018, it held a conference with more than 40 representatives of Chinese companies and organizations.

In addition to China, the moon mining industry has also attracted many international players, with companies like South Korea, Taiwan, and Canada also investing in lunar mining.

Moon mining has also become a global industry.

Last year, the United Nation announced that the International Space Station, in orbit, is set to be home to the first human landing on the moon in 2021.