Man jailed for stealing petrol from petrol station

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A man has been jailed for three years for stealing more than $20,000 worth of petrol from a petrol station.

A man who stole more than a tonne of petrol in the state of Western Australia has been fined $20 000.

Police say the offences took place at the Southside Pump station in the Perth suburb of Woodside, on August 6.

The man was charged with theft, and after pleading guilty, he was given a three-year suspended sentence, with his licence suspended for six months.

Police said they were able to trace the stolen goods to a vehicle in a different part of Perth, which had been registered to a man named James.

James was arrested by police in November, but was released after police searched his home.

In December, police were called to the same petrol station, but found James at home, and he was also arrested.

At the time, James was on bail, and his wife had moved to Adelaide.

On Friday, the Supreme Court found James guilty of stealing the stolen petrol.

He will be sentenced in November.

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