Bitcoin miner finds it hard to get bitcoin for payment

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Bitcoin mining equipment maker Bitcoin Miner has been forced to shut down after receiving an invoice for bitcoin mining equipment from a company linked to a man accused of running a Bitcoin mining operation in Dublin.

The invoice was sent to Bitcoin Miner’s office in Ballymun on Thursday evening.

Bitcoin Miner’s chief executive, Daniel O’Sullivan, said that he could not provide details about the transaction and was unable to comment on any criminal charges that had been brought against the man who was identified as Ross McAfee.

The Irish Times understands that the company’s account was hacked by hackers on the dark web last week and that the firm had received a payment from the unnamed man.

Online retailer has also reported that a man claiming to be McAfee’s ex-wife sent an invoice of £100,000 for an estimated six Bitcoin mining rigs.

The firm has been criticised by its customers for its decision to pay the man with Bitcoins, and for failing to properly identify him as the owner of the mining equipment.

McAfee, who has denied the claims, was arrested in May for running an underground Bitcoin mining ring, but the charges were dropped last month.

In a statement, Bitcoin Miner said that it was unable at the time to identify the person who sent the invoice, who was referred to as “Mr McAfee” in the invoice.

“We are unable to confirm the identity of the individual responsible for the payment,” it said.

“At this time, we cannot provide any further comment as to the nature of the case.”

The company said that its customers should “use the same caution when using our services that they would use when using a credit card”.