When GPP is over, how much should you spend in the PPR era?

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This article is not intended to be a comprehensive guide on PPR in 2017.

However, it provides a quick overview of the types of options that are most prevalent this season, as well as a few strategies that I feel can potentially benefit you in your 2017 campaign.GPP strategy: The early-season PPR boomThis is a strategy I often refer to as “the GPP boom” as it was most recently popularized by Yahoo!

Sports writer Brian Manzullo back in October 2017.

The idea behind this strategy is that if you’re going to be in a position to profit early on, it’s best to play a GPP game.

This is especially true if you have a good roster, as GPPs usually lead to a bigger payout (in my case, over $1.5 million per game) than a standard PPR league.

The downside is that you’re paying more for an inferior product.

This means that the majority of players who opt to play GPP will likely be playing against the same players as the rest of the league.

If you’re in the early-game of your league, I highly recommend making sure you’re fully invested in your roster before you start making your first big bucks.

For instance, I know a few people who play the PPG in this strategy, but only a few others.

So if you find yourself in the position where you have to pay more than a typical fantasy owner for your GPP options, you’re probably better off making the move to PPR.

You’re going in with a relatively low budget and a decent amount of money to work with.

I’m not saying that GPP’s are the best way to win, but you’ll find that the GPP can provide you a great foundation of income.

The best strategy for this strategy involves maximizing the value of your GPs in early rounds and maximizing the amount of points you have available to be invested in fantasy points.

Here are a few options that can help you make this transition:You’re not likely to have many points available in your first two rounds of drafts, but your team will have a decent number of opportunities to score points early.

You’ll likely have more points than most players (if not all), so if you can’t afford to sit on your team for a bit, you can just sit on the sidelines for a while and wait for the chips to fall in.

If your team is a little more stingy, you might be able to score a few points early on if you play a team that is willing to take the occasional hit, or you might just be able score some points on a bye week.

There are some GPP players who are great in the GPG and can score in the mid-range, but they don’t offer enough upside to warrant this strategy.

You can also use this strategy if you are not comfortable with the risk associated with sitting on your bench.

The GPP provides you a solid base of value, and you can often play a cheap GPP league that can be very profitable.

This strategy is based around the idea that if your team can score some big wins this year, you should be in better shape for your 2017 season.

You need to start making money early on and you’ll be better off playing a GPG game.

The upside to this strategy comes in the form of the higher likelihood that your GPT will go up (which is a great way to start earning your PPR points).

In this case, you have some nice upside potential if your roster is a bit stingy.

The risk comes in paying more than you should in the beginning, and if your fantasy team is relatively stingy and you have the right team around, you could end up in the same situation.

The payoff to this tactic is a decent starting point for you to start playing the GPT game.GPT strategy: When your team starts to falterGPP players are generally more likely to be overvalued in the late-round of drafts.

However if your lineup is very stingy or your team has a lot of points available, you may be able find value in this.

The key to this approach is to get out there and score some goals early on.

This strategy typically requires you to play the GPR and then score some extra points later on.

The goal here is to find value quickly, but if your scoring isn’t consistent, your team won’t be able keep up and you won’t get to the point where you can score points on your way to the playoffs.

This could mean your team gets worse, your starting point goes down, or your GPM falls, depending on how the GPs start to dip.

If this happens, you’ll need to find another team to get some value for your team.

You may be better than the current team if you start to make good use of your team’s points, but the upside may not